21bitcoin App 2.0. It does ... everything?

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With the launch of 21bitcoin's app 2.0, we are bringing features that were highly sought after by you and combine them with proven features for an even more intuitive user experience. These include innovative graphic custom price orders, unique non-custodial fashion and a revolutionary design.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to use bitcoin and provide tools that enable you to make transactions more flexibly, easily overview the market, and securely manage your bitcoin.

We firmly believe that we've built the simplest, most intuitive, yet powerful bitcoin app on the market.

Read on and see for yourself.

New Features of App 2.0

Trade on your Terms

With 21bitcoin 2.0, we offer you graphical price orders for buying bitcoin. This feature gives you the freedom to set the best price for you to buy bitcoin. You decide for yourself how long your order remains active.

Automatically buy any amount of bitcoin as you like. If you have a buying target, we will execute the order for you as soon as the price is reached.

Thanks to the ability to hold euros on 21bitcoin, we can offer you this feature. This gives you as a customer an additional level of flexibility and functionality.

Maximum Control and Security for your Bitcoin

The newly introduced Non-Custodial Mode gives you unprecedented control over your bitcoin inventory. (“Non-custodial” means that you have sole control over your private keys and therefore over your bitcoin, without them being held by a platform. In short, only you have access and control over your bitcoin and no one else.)

Non Custodial Mode is activated for the Auto Wallet Transfer

It allows you to send any bitcoin purchase directly to your own external wallet. This guarantees absolute self-custody. With other services, you often have to wait several hours or even longer than a day until your bitcoin is in your wallet. We'll process your payout in the next bitcoin block. On average, this means you only have to wait ten minutes until your bitcoin arrives at your wallet — faster than anywhere else.

The best: We cover the bitcoin network fee for you, meaning that this unique service only costs you 1,000 sats, no matter how high the actual bitcoin network fees are right now.

Good to know: Alternatively, you can also accumulate bitcoin in the app and automatically transfer it to your external wallet from a self-selected amount. On the one hand, this saves you fees and on the other hand prevents you from collecting many small UTXOs in your wallet (see: What are UTXOs and 3 tips for good UTXO management).

Buy Bitcoin instantly 24/7

If you want to buy bitcoin quickly, for example because the price has just fallen, you can easily do that with 21bitcoin.

One way to react quickly to falling bitcoin prices is to keep a euro balance in your account to make instant purchases at the current price.

Another option is to top up your account with a SEPA real-time transfer of up to €100,000.00 in less than a minute around the clock (even on weekends).

Bitcoin Einmalkauf von €100

So you won't miss a bitcoin dip anymore!

Intuitive User Experience

We've redesigned the app's entire user experience to give you even more efficient and intuitive access to all main areas, such as home screen, banking, bitcoin, activity, and account, and to make onboarding even smoother.

The home screen now impresses with interactive price charts, which allow you to always keep an eye on the bitcoin price. In addition, you can now find recommendations and widgets in the app, which give you all important functions, such as the savings plan, the auto wallet transfer or the bitcoin vouchers, quickly at hand.

The new user interface gives you a fantastic experience whether you're a bitcoin newbie or an experienced investor.

Just like bitcoin itself, 21bitcoin stands for maximum flexibility. While bitcoin breaks the limits of traditional financial systems, 21bitcoin overcomes the restrictions of popular financial apps and sets new standards in the process.

Voices about App 2.0

Investing in bitcoin should be a simple, transparent, and educational experience for everyone.
— Dominik (CTO 21bitcoin)
With the launch of App 2.0, we have placed even more emphasis on our corporate values — integrity, transparency, sustainability, accessibility and financial education. We are happy to provide our users with all the tools they need to dive into bitcoin on their own.
— Daniel (CEO 21bitcoin)
I like how 21bitcoin manages to constantly develop the app while focusing on the important functions so that the app remains clear and intuitive. Despite more functions, I feel like I can do everything I want to do with the app even faster.
— Holger (beta tester)

The 21bitcoin app 2.0 is available for Android and iOS devices and offers you a secure, intuitive and reputable way to save and use Bitcoin.

Ready? Download the 21bitcoin app 2.0 now!