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Buy and hold Bitcoin with Confidence

21bitcoin offers the secure way to buy and hold Bitcoin. Start investing today and take control of your financial future.

Trusted by thousands of Europeans & backed by the established Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte.

Fund your account instantly

Sign up and start trading in just minutes. SEPA Instant deposits (up to €100,000) let you buy bitcoin right away — no need to wait days for funding.

Save in Bitcoin automatically

Set recurring purchases to automatically buy more bitcoin independent of market fluctuations on a schedule.

Self Custody

Hold your Bitcoin in your Wallet securely

Auto Wallet Transfers let you move your bitcoin from 21bitcoin to your wallet in just a few taps. This saves fees and gives you the full control. You can even use the app completely non-custodial!

New Feature

Trade on your Terms

Automatically buy any amount of bitcoin for a custom price. If you have a target price to buy, we’ll execute the order if the price is reached.

Custom price order feature in the 21bitcoin app

Buy a Fraction of a Bitcoin

Invest in bitcoin for as little as €15. No need to be a pro, we’ve got you covered with excellent educational material and 24/7 human support.

Keep your Bitcoin safe

EU-Regulated and based in Austria

We built our platform with regulatory guidance from the start. We work only with established partners to make sure our app is reducing risk for bitcoin where possible.

Held by us, owned by you

Your bitcoin is held in trust and stored by our technical custodial partner BitGo Custody. In the unlikely event of insolvency, your bitcoin is still yours.

Insured and protected

Insurance held by our custodial partner helps protect your bitcoin against crime like hacks or theft. BitGo Custody has over $250M in cold storage coverage.

Advice on Demand

At 21bitcoin, we provide 24/7 human customer support to help you navigate the world of bitcoin. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, our team is here to answer your questions and provide guidance.

Pricing & Benefits

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced Bitcoiner, we’re here to help. And as your stack grows, so do your benefits.

Make the most of your bitcoin investments with low fees and tailored support.
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Secured Personal Bitcoin Vault
24/7 Customer Support
Automated Savings Plan
Instant Purchases & Custom Price Orders
Build your bitcoin legacy with guidance from our team of Bitcoin experts.
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Buy more than €100,000 in one transaction
Expert Guidance
OTC Desk
Price Guarantee and tight Spreads
Bring bitcoin onto your balance sheet and profit from our experience.
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Smooth and guided Onboarding
Multiple User Accounts
Analytics and Reporting Tools
Priority Customer Support
“21bitcoin is a simple & beautifully designed application. You can easily enter the Bitcoin world with it. In the background is a German bank that enables smooth payment processing. Overall, an excellent app!”
Andreas Streb

Andreas Streb

Board Member, VR Bank Bayern Mitte

"21bitcoin is a fantastic app for beginners and pros. It offers you everything: Leave your coins in the app until you feel safe enough to take them into your own custody or send them straight into self custody - just as you like."
Rachel Geyer

Rachel Geyer

Head of Eduction, GmbH

"Every beginning is hard, as the saying goes. This is not true for 21bitcoin, because it is not difficult to get started and is recommended for everyone. Saving Bitcoin is the best alternative today, and 21bitcoin makes it easy and convenient."
Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Bitcoin consultant, book author and keynote speaker

“I’m having the perfect experience with this app and service. I’ve used at least five other exchanges for buying Bitcoin, and this one is the best out of them. The UX is super intuitive and easy to use and the fees are probably the best in EU.”


Social Influencer

“21bitcoin is perfect for newcomers, but there is also something for professionals with e.g., limit orders (Buy the Dip) or auto wallet transfer (UTXO Management).”
Nico Hirsch

Nico Hirsch

Works council chairman, VR Bank Bayern Mitte

“The 21bitcoin app impresses me with its good user design, the cheap Bitcoin withdrawals and the constantly new functions such as the custom price order.”
Leo Mattes

Leo Mattes

Book author

Start your Bitcoin journey now

Invest in the future of finance today.


What is bitcoin?

Nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. But he, she or a collective had a vision for a new currency in 2008. The result was Bitcoin - a fundamentally new method of storing and transferring value. In contrast to conventional financial networks, Bitcoin does not require any central authorities or trustworthy parties, and there is only a limited number of bitcoin, which means that it retains its value in a similar way to gold, for example.

What are the fees at 21bitcoin?

21bitcoin offers a cost-efficient and transparent fee structure starting at 0.79%. Fees vary depending on purchase and account type. 21bitcoin charges no monthly account fees, no administration fees, no deposit fees, no Bitcoin custody fees and no account opening fees.

How are the coins safely stored? Is there insurance?

At 21bitcoin, your bitcoin is 100% secured by cold storage technology in Class III vaults and backed by a $250 million insurance policy from our partner BitGo Custody.

Is 21bitcoin regulated?

21bitcoin is regulated by the Financial Market Authority FMA Austria as a service provider for virtual currencies according to § 32a Para. 1 FM-GwG.

Why does 21bitcoin only offer bitcoin?

We focus exclusively on bitcoin because it is the most established, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency. This makes bitcoin the best choice for a long-term investment in a digital asset.

I am new to bitcoin, what help can I get?

You can find general information about bitcoin directly in our app and on our blog. If you have specific questions, you can always contact our personal customer support team. Bitcoin experts are available to answer all your questions about 21bitcoin and bitcoin.