21bitcoin App Feature Automatischer Wallet Transfer

Automatically send Bitcoin to your wallet

You can store bitcoin securely at 21bitcoin (100% cold-storage) or set a personal limit at which your bitcoin is automatically sent to your external wallet.

No extra network fees

We cover the sometimes very expensive Bitcoin network fees for you and only charge a small fixed fee.

Secure & easy access

Easily access your bitcoin anytime, anywhere, using our user-friendly platform.

Use 21bitcoin completely non-custodial

If you want, you can even use 21bitcoin completely non-custodial and send every purchase directly to your own wallet.

We pay the Bitcoin-network fees and you pay only 1,000 sats (~€0.50) withdrawal fee

Get your bitcoin faster than anywhere else

Start your Bitcoin journey now

Invest in the future of finance today.


What is the Auto Wallet Transfer?

With the Auto Wallet Transfer, you can set a limit (in bitcoin) that, when reached, will automatically transferred your bitcoin to your external wallet. This allows you to take full control of your assets in an automated way.

How do I set up an Auto Wallet Transfer?

All you need to do is select your personal withdrawal limit that will trigger your bitcoin withdrawal and scan the address of your bitcoin wallet.

What advantages does the Auto Wallet Transfer bring?

With the Auto Wallet Transfer, you control if and when bitcoin is sent to your external wallet. This allows you to minimize transaction fees and prevent small UTXOs from accumulating in your wallet.

Can I send any purchase of bitcoin directly to my wallet?

Yes, with the Non-Custodial mode, you can send every bitcoin purchase directly to your own external wallet. And it's completely automatic!