21bitcoin vs. other Bitcoin-only platforms

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Regulation and Custody

21bitcoin is audited and regulated by the FMA Austria. With BitGo 21bitcoin offers a secure way to store your bitcoin. At the same time, the app can also be used completely non-custodially — this means that you keep your bitcoin private keys.
Comparable providers can only be used non-custodially, which can be a hurdle especially for beginners. Relatively high acquisition costs and a more complex user experience due to external wallets make it difficult for beginners to get started with bitcoin. Potential future problems and additional costs arise if users are not familiar with managing UTXOs.

Fee Structure

21bitcoin offers competitive fees starting at 0.79%. With other European providers, fees usually start at 1%.

The low fees for bitcoin withdrawals of only 1,000 sats are also worth mentioning. Compared to the consolidation fees that are unavoidable with regular bitcoin stacking at other providers, 21bitcoin is a recommendation for regular bitcoin savings.

For very large investments in bitcoin, customers receive even lower fees and prioritized support with the 21Private service.

Payment Methods

21bitcoin supports SEPA & SEPA instant transfers. Only 21bitcoin offers a separate virtual IBAN for each user and an Auto Wallet-Transfer.

21bitcoin works with Deutsche Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG, which offers users maximum security. In addition, 21bitcoin allows users to hold euros on the platform. This gives users additional flexibility, as they can decide for themselves when they want to buy bitcoin.

This freedom does not exist with other providers, where bitcoin is purchased at the time the transfer arrives at the provider (less flexibility).

UTXO Management

Only 21bitcoin offers integrated UTXO management, as bitcoin can also be held custodially in the app. Users can decide for themselves at what amount of bitcoin they want to withdraw to their own non-custodial wallet. This means that transaction fees can be saved today and in the future you will not have the problem of too many UTXOs and therefore high fees.

Support and Customer Reviews

21bitcoin offers daily human support via chat and phone. The time for bitcoin withdrawals is faster than average, at around 10 minutes, always in the next bitcoin block. Customer reviews are very positive, with 4.8 on Trustpilot and 5.0 on Google.


21bitcoin is the most flexible & cheapest solution with unique features such as Buy the Dip/Limit Orders, real-time transfers to a German bank account and comprehensive support from Bitcoin experts.