Trade on your Terms

Automatically buy any amount of bitcoin for a custom price. If you have a target price to buy, we’ll execute the order if the price is reached.

Buy the dip

With a custom price order, you automatically buy when the bitcoin price falls.

Easy & automated

You don't need any trading experience to place a custom price order.

More flexible and easy than ever

We have built the platform with our users in mind. No complicated trading interfaces and intransparent execution.

Catch falling prices

Simple and intuitive interface

Start your Bitcoin journey now

Invest in the future of finance today.


What is a custom price order?

A Custom Price Order allows you to automatically buy bitcoin at a price you set. Set a buy price below the current price to try to buy bitcoin when the price drops.

What do I need to keep in mind when using custom price orders?

Please note that Custom Price Orders are not a price guarantee and the execution price may differ from the price you set due to market fluctuations. The specified price only triggers the placement of a standard order and price changes during execution may result in price differences.

What is the maximum amount of a custom price order

You can buy up to €100,000 worth of bitcoin per custom price order. If you would like to buy more than €100,000 worth of bitcoin, please contact our team for the 21Private Service.